Strawberry Season
Pick'n Updates

Saturday, June 12th

Today’s Pick-Your-Own Plan*:

Availability: Open 7am. We estimate to be pick'd out early by 12'noon. We will then need time to ripen more berries.

Cost: $15/gallon bucket or buy 2+ buckets and take $1 off each bucket.

Bucket Buy Back Program: Bring your "good-condition*" buckets back with you the next time you pick and we'll credit you $1 towards your next purchase. We will issue you new buckets and take your buckets back.

Score*: C The hot weather has forced a variety of sized berries. Some big, some medium, some small. We are doing all we can to keep the crop moving forward but the weather is catching up to us quickly.

Variety: Jewel (Most popular berry, sweet, medium size)

Weather Forecast: Sunny and Very Warm.

Comments: The strawberry crop is ripening quickly with the high temperatures and no rain. We have other varieties yet to fully ripen so there will be more to pick in the next days. We estimate the season will last another week+, so don't delay!

*Pick’n Plan & Score are subject to change with weather and harvest conditions.

*Pick’n Score: A=Awesome, B=Above Average, C=Average, D=Requires Effort.

*Good Condition buckets should have no permanent markings or chips, dings or dents. We reserve the right to deny a bucket return based on physical condition.

Today's Farm Store Info:

Hours: Open. First berries will be in Farm Store by 8/8:30am.

Pre-Pick'd Strawberries: Yes, but we tend to sell out very quickly on the weekends. 2-bucket max order per person today. NO PRE-PICK FOR SUNDAY, JUNE 13TH. We hoping to resume next week.

> Available in a 1 gallon bucket for $22 or 2+ pound clamshell for $8.

> No Pre-Orders for 2021.

> Strawberries can only be purchased on-farm, first-come first-serve.

> No phone, email or messenger orders will be accepted.

Bath & Home Items: Yes​

Ice-Cream: Mullen's Dairy Bar in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla pints.

Bakery: Not yet.

Miller Farms' Fresh Peas: Maybe Father's Day Weekend. Won't know until then. Stay tuned.

Comments: The strawberry crop is coming into harvest early, and the heat is moving it quick. We suspect we only have 10-14 days if the heat continues.

Product Availability on items subject to change based on consumer demand.​

Farm Store Location

Mayberry Farm Store: Located at W2364 County Road Y, Mayville in small green shed directly behind our farmhouse.